This page includes links to several tools and resources that I use for my business and to help others. I am an Affiliate or Re-seller of services for many of these businesses and I receive commission income when you click on these links and place an order. Most have Free get started options. I just wanted to be upfront with you. Thanks for using these businesses.

You can purchase new Domain Names, Website Hosting with email accounts and build your own DIY WordPress websites at my MSM Instant Webs Hosting.

MSM Instant Webs Hosting

I found the best Podcast Hosting company to be They not only host my podcasts for my show, 70+ and Podcasting but push the RSS feed to iTunes, Spotify and others. Podbean offers a Free Podcast App to record your own shows.

If you want to produce Video Recordings or Live-Stream Video to your YouTube Channel or Facebook business page, there are many options. The best video tool I have found for my PC is ManyCam. You can visit the website at and download their FREE, working software or if you want to place an order just click on the image below.

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