Our Why, What and How for Mission Springs Marketing LLC

Henry & Leslie Griner*

* Our Why is our purpose statement… “to reveal God and His Kingdom to everyone we connect with and work with in our online marketplace.”

* Our What is our mission statement… “to serve, bless and impact our customers with support, products and services.”

* Our How is by living out a Culture of Honor in the Marketplace by everything we do and say with a focus on these Core Values.

God is Good

Service, we serve God as we serve others.

Respect for others because everyone is created in God’s image.

Excellence that reflects Kingdom values.

Generous because God is generous to us.

We started Mission Springs Marketing with a Purpose that was beyond just provision… it was a Vision to Serve others, and be a Resource to other ministries.

* Henry & Leslie are the co-owners of Mission Springs Marketing LLC. Henry is the primary operator of MSM and Leslie supports and works with the business financial areas.
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