Hello, my name is Henry Griner. I have over 25 years experience working with websites, WordPress, Social Media, Podcasting, Video Events and Internet Marketing tools. You can read more about my background below. I offer Digital Online Consulting services to entrepreneurs who lead ministries, churches or local businesses. I have a firm belief that those who go into ministry or business fields each have the heart of an entrepreneur and need many of the sames tools to get their message out to the world. Some of the best ways to get your message out today go beyond just a great website, they involve Social Media, Live Video Events, Podcasting and many more. If you would like to inquire about having me help you with any areas of digital marketing, please complete my Contact Form Below.

Read About my History in the Tech World below..

I started my online journey in the early 1990’s when a friend gave me their old Tandy computer that included a dial-up modem. There was no public Internet at that time but that computer had Compuserve software included along with a few of the early games. I discovered another tool on that computer that allowed me to visit with people around the world on a black text screen using Internet Relay Chat (IRC

In the fall of 1994 I started at Anoka Ramsey Community College for one year taking a Business Administration track. The summer of 1994 the college installed the first T-1 Internet connection to the campus. Between classes on in my free time I would discover for the first time what the Internet looked like using the only Web Browser that was available, Netscape. Using the computer lab I discovered how these web pages were created by simple code language that I could open using Notepad on the computer. I could save the web page files and then edit the text and later I learned how to at photos and save the files to the local computer drive.

In 1995 I landed my first website client, my bank, The Bank of Elk River. One of the bank’s VP’s and I sat in the basement of the bank using a computer on a dial-up modem and MS FrontPage to create the first website for the bank on their original domain www.the-bank-er.com which you can still find on the Internet Archive site. (see image below)

After building the website for the bank I also built a community website called ElkNet.com and one of the first website pages for the City of Elk River in 1996 which included information about where to vote in the 1996 primary election. (see image below)

Back in the mid 1990’s I operated my business on the name of GTA Business Solutions which, besides website and other Internet services, I also sold Long Distance Phone and 800 Number Service to businesses. One of my fist clients for GTA was the City of Chanhassen, MN. They just wanted a simple directory of the city, nothing fancy back then.

Those were some primitive looking websites by today’s standard…

A major advance in building websites happened when WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Shortly after WordPress became available, I started to build my own personal WordPress Blog sites to experiment with the new software.

In March 2004 I launched my new business Mission Springs which had a simple vision of providing bottled Spring Water for ministries to sell for fund raising for mission work. God had bigger plans than that for Mission Springs.

From 1997 to 2008 I worked in the IT departments of three companies before I went full-time with my own business in March of 2008. For the next four years I worked with my primary client Jeff Mills and his Internet marketing business. We traveled around the USA and even a trip to Israel putting on conferences and workshops for people who wanted to start their own businesses online. Among other tasks that I helped Jeff with I ran his video production team for Live-streaming of conference events.

As I became more involved in helping with Internet Marketing over the next several years we upgraded the business name to Mission Springs Marketing, LLC in July 2012 and I began to create websites for local business clients over the next few years. I built WordPress websites for many local business owners in our area as well as helping non-profits and ministries with their websites.

In late 2014 I closed my WordPress Website Design and Hosting business to prepare for a move to California with my wife to attend the ministry training school at Bethel Church, BSSM. We attended the school along with others from countries around the world with over 1,100 students in our first year. We returned home to Elk River in June 2017 and started two new ministries at our church where I continue to serve on our board of elders.

I am now re-launching my business with a focus on Digital Online Consulting with organizations, ministries and businesses in need of help with Digital Marketing, Podcasting, YouTube videos, Website Design and Hosting Services. If you need help in any of these areas, let’s talk.

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