You Need To Control Your Own Website

If You Are A Business Owner, You Can Take Back Control Of Your Website From “Web Masters” Who Hold You Hostage… But This Is Only If You Want To Know How To Get More Customers & More Leads From Online Marketing! And if you have NO website now, here is how you start today!

First, ask yourself these questions…

Do you really own your domain name or even have a domain name, the life blood of your online marketing and lead generation process? Or does your web guy or gal own and control it? (Big mistake #1)

Do you have unlimited websites, file storage and monthly usage account under $15 a month, or does your web person/firm charge you more or per website? (Big mistake #2)

Does it cost you money for every change you want to make to your website, or can you do it yourself from any computer online, anywhere in the world in seconds? (Web folks love to trade hours for dollars, your dollars and hold you hostage to that. (Big mistake #3)

Are you happy with the number of new customers and calls you get from your website?

I have built websites for local businesses, organizations and individuals since 1995. One of the most important services I can provide you is to give you the ability to manage your website yourself or, to go to anyone else at anytime after we setup your website… I WILL NOT MAKE YOU A CAPTIVE!!

If you need help with a Website Makeover or you need a new website for your business, call me at the number on the right or use the Contact Form.


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