WordPress Monthly Updating & Backup Service Available

Has this happened to you? You spent weeks or months building a new WordPress website and everything was going along fine until one day you update a plugin or click the button to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and BOOM!… just that fast the site is gone.

Perhaps you got a cryptic message something like: Fatal error: Undefined class name ’self’ in /usr/local/pe….

Or perhaps the web hosting server you were on had a major blowup and lost all your files.

After 15+ years of working with computers, networks and the Internet I know it is not a question of “if” but “when” this happens to you. Just like having backups of your home or office computer you need a safe and secure way to manage and backup your WordPress website.

WordPress is a wonderful CMS program but, it can and does break with bad code, bad plugin updates and from people not being careful about what they are doing.

If you want to sleep secure at night knowing that your hard work is safe then you might want to give our new WordPress Monthly Updating & Backup Service a try.

Here is what we will do for you:

1. Monitor WordPress.org for the latest updates to the current WordPress version.
2. When a newer version of WordPress is released we will ensure that we have current backups of your WordPress files and the MySQL database then we will upgrade your WordPress software.
3. We will monitor the installed plugins on your website and update them as needed.
4. We will install and configure backup software, in addition to the server backups provided by Mission Springs WordPress Hosting, to secure your website from disaster. (These are Daily backups which go to another secure server that we manage for you.)

We offer this service on a Monthly or Quarterly basis. You can select the package you want to the right.

** This does not include support for updating the pages, posts, media files or other content areas of the website itself. If you need additional support for you website please submit a support ticket to our Client Services Department.

If you are not a current hosting customer of ours we have a special offer for the month of January 2010. We will backup and move your website to our Mission Springs WordPress Hosting server at no charge. This offer is for only one WordPress installation,  moving additional WordPress websites can be done for a small charge. Use our Contact form to request information.

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