Why Your Local Business Should Be Using Google+ Local

I love helping local business owners get more traffic to their websites and into their stores on Main Street USA. One of the best free tools for doing this is Google+ Local which was previously called Google Places.

Google Mobile for SmartphonesBecause Google wants to help make Google Searches return the best results possible for people doing searches for local businesses they will help to drive traffic to your store or office when people do a search from their computer or Smartphone like iPhones or Android phones. With so many people now using their phones to find information when they are on the go, Google is constantly working hard to build and upgrade mobile tools that help us find what we are searching for in our communities and surrounding areas.

By creating a Google+ Page and optimizing their Local listings, business owners can have greater control over how they appear in the local search results returned by Google. And did I say, this is Free if you do it yourself? So here is an example when I search for a “restaurant” leaving my default location as Elk River, MN.

restaurants in Elk River, MNCertain businesses like restaurants attract more reviews than other types and Google loves to give preference to those with more reviews but, that is not always the only factor for getting into what is referred to as the Google Seven Pack, the top 7 listings for local businesses like you see in the image above. Many times people will decide where they will eat or shop based on what they read on a review posted to the Google+ Local listing. For restaurants this can be really good or really bad news.

bad reviewI will not say which restaurant this came from but you can see how easily it is to get bad news out when a local business does not provide great customer service. We could help this business with our Reputation Services product as well as other services. We can not fix the primary problem with staffing but, if they have made the needed changes internally we can help manage what people will see online get them more traffic and more business into the store.

If you have a local business in Minnesota I would like to help you to get more business online and off-line, customers into your store and money into your bank account. Using Google+ Local is just one of the many services we offer at Mission Springs Marketing LLC to make that happen.


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