What are Responsive WordPress Themes?

Responsive WordPress themes and responsive website design in general has emerged as a new hot topic in the digital world for website designers. A Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation with a fluid grid system that adapts your website not only to mobile devices but also to any size desktop or any other viewing environment such as large screen TV’s.

When talking about responsive design and responsive WordPress themes, we are talking about utilizing cascading style sheets or, CSS and JavaScript, to resize a website’s layout to the user’s view-screen.  The view-screen is basically the visible portion of the viewing area inside a web browser.

Responsive Theme DesignsResponsive WordPress themes designs finally solve the problem of making your business website work for the endless number of devices coming out all the time and the resolutions being used to access web based content. The growing popularity of searching and viewing websites on mobile devices needed responsive designs to make it possible.

Today everything from iPhones, iPads and tablets, Android based mobile phones, video game consoles, Flat Screen TVs, Amazon Kindles and other e-readers are used to access the web. Using Responsive WordPress Themes for our clients websites means they don’t need to spend money on creating additional “Mobi” websites or paying more money for special add on software to make their new websites mobile friendly.

If you are interested in a website upgrade to this new technology, or you are looking for a new website designed with responsive design in mind, please contact me today to discuss your needs.

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