Mission Springs Website Hosting is Closing December 25, 2014

VERY IMPORTANT! As of December 25, 2014 Mission Springs Marketing will no longer host your websites. The reason for this is twofold. I have been a web hosting reseller for the past 7 years with Hostgator.com. Until about two years ago they supported me and my customers with great service and excellent support. In late 2012 Hostgator owner Brent Oxley sold Hostgator to Endurance International Group and things have gone downhill since.

Last week Hostgator installed an update to the website servers for all their resellers like Mission Springs Marketing which resulted in thousands of website going down for 24 to 48 hours or more. All 40 plus domains that I currently host went down at that time. By the end of the week it appeared that all website were back online and working properly. That was not the only major outage that has happened since the buyout of Hostgator by EIG.

Because of these issues and a major change in my business focus for Mission Springs Marketing I will be closing down my hosting business for all my customers no later than midnight December 25, 2014. What does this mean for you?

After December 25th I will no longer provide any support for customers as a hosting provider. I will offer fee based consulting services only to a limited group for those who have no other options.

Here is what you need to do now.

OPTION #1: You are welcome to obtain your own hosting services with any provider you wish. Many companies will provide you with free services to back-up your current website on my server and move it to their servers. Remember, your website is made up of your domain name AND the place where your website is hosted from. These are 2 separate items but often go together. Some of you have registered your domain with me as well as hosted with me. Both should be moved.

OPTION #2: I will be moving my personal and business websites back to my alternate server that I’ve used for nearly 10 years. They offer excellent service and support but with a different approach to their server setup which is why I started using Hostgator for most of my customers over the past several years.

  • If you wish to move your hosting to this company you can do so from this link: http://www.myinstantwebs.com/
  • You must first Sign up for the Business Package which gives you space to host up to 5 domains.
  • Next, let them know you need to move your current website (they will do this for free) to your new account.
  • Contact me and I will provide you with the logins and passwords that they will need to make the change for you.

PLEASE NOTE! If you choose to move to this company for hosting, after supplying you with the information needed to make the move I Will Not provide hosting, email or any other support services. You will be able to work with the support staff directly for anything you need.

If You Renewed Hosting Since October 1st

Some of you have renewed your domains or hosting accounts in the past month or so. Here is what I will do to help in this transition time. Anyone who has renewed hosting with Mission Springs after October 1st and wishes to move to My Instant Web hosting and purchase the Business Package will receive a $40 credit refundable to you. This will be paid to you within 30-45 days of opening your new account. If you decide to move your hosting to any other provider I cannot provide you with this credit, sorry.

If You Have Registered Your Domain With Mission Springs Marketing

Many of you have registered your domain names with my registrar Enom and pay me for your annual domain name renewals. I will keep my account active with Enom until July 1, 2015 to give you ample time to change to another company for these services. Those of you having domain renewals coming up between today and June 30, 2015 will need to make arrangements for moving to another registrar. Those who move their website hosting to My Instant Webs can do both at the same time as they offer registration services along with hosting.

To login and manage your domains go to: https://access.enom.com/

I want to thank all of you for your business over the years and the honor of helping you with your online business. I’m not going anywhere, at least not for the next few months, so if you need help I’m here on a fee basis for consulting.

Please email or call with any questions. I hope most of you will be able to make these changes and move to another hosting provider in the next 2-4 weeks.

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