Lock Down WordPress Security Before Launching Your Website

wordpress-hackedWe could probably point out numerous reasons why security on a site is often overlooked, but what we really want to point out is why security should always, always be implemented and why somebody would want access to your website.

“Setting up security measures should be fundamental to any site owner.”

One can be easily satisfied with their website without looking at its security. There seems to be no threat anyway. Setting up safety measures seems very taxing, and therefore, not worth the trouble. Would you agree?

Well, we beg to disagree! Setting up security measures should be fundamental to any site owner. Even when you’ve already successfully configured your safety setup, you still need to monitor and update your site constantly. Because hackers or their underlings – which are – (ro)bots, or programs – can easily penetrate your website and its vulnerabilities. When that happens, rest assured they will exploit it.

Your website could be used as a distribution point for malicious software, with you not even knowing about it. Your site can be an accessory to a cyber criminal activity. Once your website has been hacked, it could get heavy, and your server might take it down. A hacked site could also result in it being blacklisted. There’s the domino effect that is surely detrimental to the business, your brand, your health. Maybe not the last part, but it could you know – with stress and all!

Setting up a strong password and installing security plugins are not enough for a robust safety net. You need — what we call — WordPress Security Lockdown! It involves renaming the theme of your site, .wp-config transfer, .htaccess limits set-up, and changing the default admin username.

Are you looking to build a new website, rebuild your existing website or wish to run a security check of your current WordPress website? Please Contact Us and we will review your concerns and offer options for how we can help with your website security.

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