Facebook Announces Graph Search – Your Social Life Search Engine

Mark Zuckerburg announces Graph SearchToday Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg announced that Graph Search, the new Beta Search Engine that will bring to your computer or Smartphone not just high ranking websites from the search engines, like Google, but results based on your friends Likes and referrals. You can read more about the details from the links below.

What does Graph Search mean to Local Business Owners?

As many of you know, my passion is to help local business owners to think strategically about their businesses in the online world. I started helping local business owners back in the early days of the Internet when I built the first website for my local bank in Elk River, MN in the late 1990’s.

Zuckerburg’s announcement today means that the “mom and pop” local stores, building contractors, real estate agents, beauty shops, electricians, HVAC contractors, plumbers, carpet cleaning companies and many more need to totally focus their marketing money and energy online. No one is going to look you up in a paper phone book. No one is going to call you because your name and phone number is on a billboard next to the freeway. And few people are going to care even if they find you on Page One of the Google SERPs.

If your current customers, most of whom are probably Facebook users, don’t have good things to say about you or your business their friends will quickly find that out and your business will begin to drop like a rock.

Surveys last year found that 78% of those surveyed said that they trusted what they found in online review websites like Google, Yelp, Foursquare and others… as much as they did recommendations from friends and family members. So, what do you think will happen to your business if Facebook users don’t have good things to say or, say bad things about your business??

If you don’t have a strategic online business blueprint for 2013 you better take some time to work on one or you won’t have a business. That is the bottom line.

Smartphones, mobile websites and online reviews better be at the top of your list of thoughts as you plan to expand or maintain your business this year.

Your Customers Have Gone Mobile, and they are getting more and more connected with their mobile friends. Your business needs to be Mobile Friendly and Facebook Friendly so that your customers will be able say only good things about you.

If you need help with building your companies Strategic Online Business Blueprint, Contact Henry Griner today.

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