Cheap Smartphones Are the Next Goal For Manufacturers

People Using Smartphones all overIn a country (USA) filled with high end Smartphones, Cheap Smartphones Are the Next Goal For Manufacturers who are looking to markets in other countries to make money for them. In an article posted on Dan Rowinski writes, “Any discussion of emerging markets for smartphones begins—and sometimes ends—with Android, which accounts for more than 80% of the global smartphone market.

“According to research firm comScore, fully 65% of all mobile users in the U.S. already own smartphones. At 156 million consumers, that’s roughly half the U.S. population.” But Apple and other Smartphone manufactures will not stand by and let Google, Samsung, Nokia and others take the market share outside the USA.

Why is this report important for Local Business Owners? Because you need to understand that your customers and clients are moving more and more towards using Smartphones as their “tool of choice” for locating businesses like yours and products that you sell. Here in the USA with 65% of all mobile users now using Smartphones, you need to be found on those devices when these people are looking for what you sell.

If you are not providing your business, products and services in a format that is easy to view on Smartphone, called Mobile Responsive Design for websites, you will NOT be in business long. The world and your customers have already gone mobile, have you? If not, contact me.

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