Website Audit Report Special

Website Audit Special Pricing for April 2014

  • Do you know if your website is doing what you want to bring you more business?
  • How do you know if you are using the right keywords on your website that people are searching for?
  • Is it easy for Search Engines to scan and index your website?
  • Do your website visitors find your website slow to load pages or do they find errors or missing pages?
  • Is your website easy for visitors to navigate?
  • Do you have missing or broken links to content on your website?

I know you are busy running your local business and checking your website is something you know you should do but you don’t have the time yourself nor a staff person with the skills needed to check everything to make sure it is working since you had it built. If you are not sure if your website is living up to the standards you expected when you hired your Webmaster a year or more ago, maybe it is time for a checkup, what we call a Website Audit.

You only have 3-7 seconds to get the attention of a website visitor and for them to be attracted to what they see on your website that makes them stay, look around more and take action. If your website is not functioning properly or does not clearly and quickly provide the information a visitor is looking for they will leave and find one of your competitors. A Website Audit will give you a review of areas that need to be addressed so you know where you need to focus your efforts to update your website.

Spring is a great time to do cleanup around your home and your business, why not do some Spring Cleaning of your hard working Website?


April 2014 Audit Report SpecialTo take advantage or this April Special Website Audit Reports discount Email Support or Phone 612-234-1685 and I will send you my
Full Pricing Details and Discount Coupon.


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